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The holiday season is full of visitors, holiday parties, and also family dinners. Thus, those happy events mean that your carpets, upholstery, and flooring need to face trouble for several hours. Spending some happy hours with your family and friends may result in upholstery and carpet spills and even lots of traffic on your floors. Red wine, cranberry sauce, gravy, dessert chocolates, hot chocolate, and coffee are loved by most people but can leave unwanted stains on your carpet and flooring. Thus, after this holiday season, it is time to hire carpet repairs service or carpet cleanup.


Most people know that though carpets can increase the look and comfort of your home but you should still take care of it after several days. Not only unwanted stains, your carpet may also even trap allergens and eventually worsen several ailments, like asthma and dust allergy.

Now you may wonder how to complete proper carpet repairs without opting for carpet replacement. So, let us discuss several carpet repairs or cleaning tips for a home that literally sparkles.

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How often should you clean your carpet?

As mentioned earlier, your carpet usually collects dander and dirt over time, and hence, you should vacuum it as often as possible. Depending on how heavily you use your carpets, you should vacuum them multiple times a month to ensure the proper health and hygiene of your loved ones.

For this, you should select a vacuum that has a suction attachment and hence, can clean your carpets much better than a common rotary vacuum. You should perform deep cleanings at regular intervals to go beyond the chance of a quick vacuum task and give your carpets a new and quirky clean look.

However, in the case of area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, you should not follow the same rules. Ensure that your rugs can take a deep cleaning before you start your cleaning task. If your rug is a vintage one or made of soft and delicate materials, you may need them to be hand washed with a good pH-balanced shampoo every three to four years. However, if you wish to have something more convenient, you can opt for washable rugs to decorate your home. 

Along with deep cleaning, you may want to rotate your rugs, as it will help to rotate your rug at least once a year to make sure it even wears after some time. You can even use a rug pad to prolong your rug’s life. Also, if you have a wool rug, remember to sunbathe it at least once a year. The reason is Sun can help a lot in sanitizing wool; however, in that case, you need to be careful of color fading. In addition to this, avoid steam cleaning no matter what you need to do because it may damage your carpet greatly.

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Important tips for cleaning your carpet after the holiday season

  • Check your furniture upholstery carefully

Take a close look to check if there are any stains on your upholstery. After your friends and family members enjoy their holiday in your house, your upholstery can take a good beating. Unwanted stains of food or drink on your upholstery can be really troublesome to manage. You may wish to think about contacting a professional carpet cleaning company or carpet restoration company, such as Carpet Repair Expert, to manage those stains properly.

  • Properly deal with the stains as soon as possible

When your carpet or upholstery gets dirtied by inevitable spills, you need to spare a moment to take care of those stains as soon as possible. If you want to complete the task of cleaning on your own, you can dab that stained part with warm water and a small amount of vinegar. However, remember not to wipe the stain with force, as it will spread the stain even more.

Always try to take quick action, as it can remove some of the ugly nature of the spill. After your holidays are over, if you do not want to wash your carpets and upholstery yourself, you can think about contacting a professional and experienced carpet cleaning company. They will come as soon as possible and do all the cleaning of your house in the best possible way.

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  • Get pet hair out of your carpet

Removing pet hair may be a really troublesome task. However, there is a little trick that can save you a lot of time. You should sprinkle the areas with baking soda, and after that, vacuum it up. The baking soda will help you by lifting up the pet hair from your carpet.

  • Get wine stain out of your carpet

Though it is a bit troublesome, you can still clean the stain of your spilled red wine from the carpet in an easy way. In order to clean the stain of red wine from your carpet, you should blot up as much as you can. After that, sprinkle baking soda or salt on the stain. After that, wait for a few minutes before you start to vacuum it. If they still can be seen even after that, you can use a specialty carpet-cleaning solution that can remove almost all types of stains from your carpet.

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  • Clear pet stains as soon as possible

Though pet stains look and smell bad, you can remove them from your carpet without any hassle. In order to clean dog pee from your carpet, just use a paper towel and blot up as much of the urine as possible. Next, mix an equal amount of warm water and vinegar in a spray container and spritz the area to remove the odor. Lastly, blot this mixture with a paper towel again.

  • Clean paint marks from your carpet

Though it may sound a bit scary, it still is very easy to do. First, find out the paint mark on your carpet; if it is the mark of water-based paint, you can use a paper towel and blot away as much wet paint as you can. Then scrape out the remaining part with a dull razor blade or knife. If still some paint remains, damp cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub it onto the stain.

If the stain is of oil-based paint, blot away the extra paint and then damp a soft cloth in paint thinner, warm water, and dish soap and rub the stained part. In this way, you can clean away paint stains with ease.

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  • Clean your guest room as soon as possible

It is really wonderful to have your family members and friends with you over the holidays, but after they leave your house and return to their own homes, you may need to start your job of deep cleaning the guest room. This cleaning job will include vacuuming the floors, changing the sheets, and wiping and dusting all surfaces.

The bathrooms of your house also need a complete cleaning after the departure of your guests and loved ones. In those cases, you should wipe down the surfaces and floors in your bathrooms and check the walls to see if they are in good condition or not. With all that heavy traffic and continuous use, it may be time to have your grout and tile cleaned with good bathroom cleaners.

Therefore, whenever you need to clean your carpet or opt for carpet restoration, you can try the methods mentioned above. However, if you are confused or your efforts are not enough, try to contact a reliable and professional carpet installation and repairs company, like Carpet Repair Expert, one of the best names in the market.

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