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A clean and sparkling home reflects a lot about a person’s overall thought process. Apart from that, it keeps the family members free from any kind of infection arising. Keeping the carpets clean is just one crucial aspect of the same. Carpets could harbor nasty germs, and maintaining them is more like a necessity than a luxury. Once the carpets get infected with mold, it can cause grave danger to people. 

Here we will share with you all about carpet cleaning and why it is so critical.

Importance of cleaning the carpets

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Let us first read why cleaning carpets is so essential.

  • Health reasons

Carpets can very quickly harbor germs and dust mites. In case someone in your home is suffering from an allergy, an unclean carpet could contribute further to aggravating it. Though vacuuming helps remove some germs, it is not a foolproof solution. A professional carpet dry cleaning service could remove bacteria and dust mites to keep the environment healthy.

  • Improving the airflow of the home

A dirty rug hampers the airflow in your home. Dirt and debris get trapped in the fibers. This could affect the airflow of the house. Your home would feel stuffy and unpleasant and not exude pleasant vibes.

  • Enhances the look of your carpets 

As the carpets accumulate dirt, they start looking unkempt. This implies that after some time, they will begin affecting the home’s overall look. Also, carpets are an expensive purchase, and if they get spoiled, that means you would have to spend a huge amount restoring them. 

How you should start cleaning different types of carpets

Usually, We think that vacuuming is the only way to keep the carpets clean. However, that is not true, as different types of rugs require other methods to clean them. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional service, here are some ways to clean specific materials.

  • Synthetic carpets 

For synthetic carpets, you can initially start with vacuuming. Or you could opt to deep clean or steam clean them. However, before you begin, just test the cleaners on a small patch of the carpet. It is also economically viable to hire a professional service that knows the correct tactics to clean the carpet.

  • Wool

Again vacuuming could be used as an alternative method. However, the tools that you choose for the purpose have to be picked carefully. Otherwise, you might see signs of fuzziness in the rug. You could remove the spills with water and blotting. For deep cleaning a woolen carpet, it is best to hire professional help. Remember that wool takes time to dry, and chemicals could ultimately damage the carpet.

  • Plant carpets 

Plant carpets have become quite popular in the last few years. You will have to vacuum them regularly and remove the dirt and grime to avoid wear and tear. Blot away the spills, as that could damage your rug. Using water and detergents is risky as they can harm plant fiber.


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Tips to properly maintain your carpets 

Moving on, we will discuss tips you can keep in mind to maintain your carpets.

  • Vacuum frequently

Vacuum the carpets at least once a week so your carpets look new. In case you have pets and kids at home, you could increase the frequency of the cleaning. Vacuuming removes not only the dirt but also the rocks that get trapped in the carpet.

  • Clean any spill immediately

Don’t wait to clean the carpet in case of spillage. Quickly blot it off to avoid the liquid from seeping through. If there is any spot that you could notice, use a spot remover to get rid of it,

  • Steam cleaning

For longer life, it is wise to steam clean your carpet once in a while. Carpet steam cleaning penetrates the carpet fibers and ensures they are cleaned thoroughly.

  • No shoes on carpets 

Adopt a strict no-shoes-on-the-carpet policy. You could leave the shoes outside whenever you come back from your walk. Else the dirt and grime of those shoes would transfer to the carpet and be hard to remove.

  • Focus on the high-traffic areas 

In every home, there are certain areas that receive more footfall. Focus on these areas and keep cleaning them every day. Just add detergent to slightly warm water and use a spray bottle to clean the carpet. Let that sit on the rug for nearly 5-10 minutes, and then you could clean it.

  • Make sure your carpets dry thoroughly

Often we clean the carpet and leave it to dry on its own. However, it does not dry and becomes home to bacteria and mildew. You could use fans and dehumidifiers to ensure the drying process is quick. Or open the windows and run the AC at a slightly high temperature to dry the moisture away.


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Summing up

Cleaning your carpets is imperative to ensure your home remains devoid of any infections. If you are unable to do so, you can contact a professional carpet repair and cleaning service. They are adept with which treatment works best for your carpet. Choose a reliable company with long years of experience to provide a service that makes your carpet look impeccable.